The four-volume sequel to the Ceristen Series.

Sorrow and Song blends second-generation story and classic epic fantasy in a tale of mistakes, despair, and faith.

With the passing of a beloved statesman, Orden is thrown into turmoil. Wills clash, threats of war arise, and a foe greater than anyone could guess makes its final preparations for the annihilation of the fickle, contentious human race. Ceristen, the small village which has thrived in peace for over twenty years, reels under unforeseen depths of loss, anguish, and destruction.

Yet give men a hope, and they will take it.

Out of darkness there comes light.



Fourteen-year-old Amli, daughter of a middle-class merchant, has only one burning desire: to be grown-up. She has loving parents, a mostly tolerable older brother, and a beloved childhood friend. But when the houseboy dies and an Ordenian foreigner replaces him, Amli finds her life take a rocky turn. What mortifying thing will Celvid say next? And in front of whom?

And her brother Rojud's increasing absences just may be a problem.

Suddenly Amli finds herself holding more secrets than anyone can comfortably keep. A downward spiral of distrust and frustration leads Amli into the most fateful decision of her life... only she may not realize until it is too late.

“Everyone has an important story to tell. Some stories are about reclaiming a kingdom, or winning a great battle, or saving a life. This is the story of how I did a very foolish thing.”

Middle grade—early YA. Deals with themes of overcoming cultural differences, responsibility, and loss.

Swirls of Sand is a side project, posted progressively to the online writer community Wattpad.
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An unregenerate villain with a supreme trust in providence?

A father without a son?

A king long prophesied who refuses to be king?

When rumors of unseasonable warmth in the country of Mattadon reach the Legean Association’s ears, they send out one of their most trusted members to investigate. Little do they know that they sent the wrong one...

A story of brotherhood and redemption in the most unlikely places.



He was twenty-four years old, spoke seventeen languages, had traveled the entire continent, knew enough philosophy and history to lock heads with a panel of scholars, could out-fence any sword master in Legea, and on top of it was the adroitest cat burglar in the underground world.

He was bored.

He briefly considered writing a book. It would be titled “The Methodology of Petty Criminals”.

But then, who would read it? Criminals and police. The police hardly needed to know his tricks, and the criminals hardly needed such a comprehensive compilation of them either. What a waste of energy and genius.

Jedediah Crayes scoffed and tossed the idea into the void.

What was there for a brilliant mind to do when it was tired of wandering on the sidelines?



“Come,” she said, turning on her heel, and led the way through corridors reeking of chlorine until they reached an ordinary metal door. “Open it,” she said to the three uniformed men standing nearby, and with the slightest flourish she stepped aside.

The scent of burning filtered out to him, and disorder and destruction met his eyes, overturned chairs and smashed tables… and in the center of it, a smoke-enveloped, plated, rumbling monster. It fixed one golden-glittered eye on him, but he was already moving.

His bow was in his hand in a second, the arrow flying free, another, and another. The creature bellered and tottered, and then as the fourth arrow found its eye it fell with a crunching roar, splinters of wood — and dark blood oozing on the floor.

The violent gasp sent him spinning around, and he studied Laura, whose stern features were slack and gaping. Her dark eyes seemed to swallow her face. “The — dragon,” she gasped.

“A dragon, was it? I didn’t know they still existed. Well, you might thank me for keeping my head!”

Set in Legea. Plot under construction.
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