— The Journey —


One broken family against con men, sacrifice-hungry forest dwellers, and mountain storms.


One young man shouldering the guilt of it all.


Afraid of accountability, Fred Thorne shrinks from the idea of being his family’s sole protector. So what happens when a fire rips everything apart and gives him exactly what he fears?

From debut novelist Verity A. Buchanan comes a tale of vivid landscapes, endearing characters, and breathtaking escapes.

You won’t find any extraordinary people in The Journey. Just ordinary people. Some of them are unpleasant, and some of them are unhappy, and all of them are struggling. The deepest strugglers are often those who mask their pain… and those silent struggles, defeats, and victories are the ones that deserve to be told.


I’ve never read a fantasy novel quite like this before and I read a lot of fantasy. There’s no world-ending problem, no war, no secret conspiracy, no usurpation of the throne (there are plenty of missing siblings, however). It’s just about a broken little family looking for a home and becoming a little more whole and a little bigger in the process. [read more]

— Vanna Grace

 I love Fred. As an oldest sibling myself, I relate to the mental struggles he faces throughout this journey, both physically and mentally. [read more]

— Bethany Kellam

In a style reminiscent of the classics, Verity delivers a Tolkienesque tale that is sure to delight readers of all ages. Filled with relatable characters, fantastical creatures, and a story whose history is as deep as any great fantasy out there… [read more]

— Gwynnedd o’Maeswnhir

In a lot of ways {The Journey} combines the best of Fairy Tale, Shakespearic comedy, and Tolkien. [read more]

— F. A. Nacht


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The sequel to The Journey


High fantasy meets the Mitford series