Ceristen Series


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Fred Thorne must shoulder the full care and protection of his sisters after a fire leaves them homeless and friendless. He sets out to follow the last advice given to him by his great-aunt: Take the girls to Menevace, to the refuge home.

But the road to Menevace is fraught with bandits, famine, and unknown dangers.

The Journey follows the three Thorne siblings through rejection, captivity, and an increasing downward spiral of guilt as Fred fails time and time again to protect his family from the dangers of a hostile world.

Can the Thornes find a place of rest and safety? Will their journey ever end?

Dangerous cities, breathtaking creatures, and an incredible adventure awaits in this debut novel by Verity A. Buchanan.

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A slow-burn romance and a dangerous secret weave around one another under the grey, wintry skies of a little mountain community. Loneliness, love, suffering, acceptance — discover all of it and more in The Village.

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Detective fiction meets high fantasy in a thrilling, tension-packed narrative.

What do an overconfident monarch, a mysterious gang, and two people from a little town called Ceristen have to do with the dead man on the tavern’s floor?

Who is hiding secrets — and who will get away with keeping them?

And in the end, what really matters?

Find out in The Claw. . .



A police officer battling resentment and
remorse. . .

A traitor in the high places. . .

A wanderer broken-spirited at twenty-five years of age. . .

When a jealous feud spanning manslaughter, trade rights, and generations erupts into war, every person is affected.

And no-one comes away unscathed.

The War deals with loss, failure, forgiveness, and the hard truth that sometimes things cannot be the same.

“Even the longest storms have an ending.”

“And if they end on wracked timbers and a sunken keel?”


What’s different about the Ceristen Series?


Evil overlords, prophecies, and chosen ones are a commonplace sight in fantasy today. Magical artifacts and hidden royalty are everywhere. Have you ever seen a fantasy novel about an inn-keeper — an authentic, no-strings-attached inn-keeper? If your protagonists don’t start out on the top rungs of society, they’re bound to get there by the end.


The Ceristen series focuses on people. Working-class people. Ordinary people. Small people. The people who “do most of the working and paying and living and dying”.

The people whose stories don’t get told.

Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about? They do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community.

- George Bailey, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

The extraordinary is happening around us every day, disguised as the ordinary. People are living — fighting — loving — working — dying — and it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

Unacknowledged heroes are still heroes.

The Ceristen series aims to bring to life the worth of every human being, whether an affluent nobleman, a corporal on the enemy side, or an illiterate peasant sowing enough to feed his family and cover the taxes. With family love as the uniting theme, each book puts its own unusual spin on the genre of high fantasy.

The stories of the crazy are here. Maybe even the incredible. But you won’t find earth-shaking quests here. Just the desperate, personal, sometimes very stupid kind.

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Words from readers

“A masterpiece of characterization and a loving author. I would recommend it to any aspiring writer and to anyone, whether they are looking for a book to read or not. . . It's so inspiring and constantly made me think about my own siblings.”

“You have a very unique writing style that I've not come across before. Stories that are simple are often bland and boring and don't incite excitement in readers, believe me, I've read plenty. . . but there is a sort of wholeness [in your writing] that leaves one with a satisfied feeling in the end, no matter how bleak the situation, or how hard a day the reader had prior to reading it. Part of that wholeness is being able to feel the amount of love and time you have put into this world, characters, and story. Your descriptions are also very unique and true to your writing style. They're simple enough, but still give a very clear picture of the surroundings.”

“It's not really like a lot of other fantasy I've read, in a good way. It's centered around all of the right things, and the characters and plot are A+.”

“It is overwhelming how much these stories make me feel. They unfold in bursts of pain and light and terror and beauty, with characters so, so achingly real. I cannot handle how much they mean to me.”

“It's very. . . pure. I don't know how to describe it. At the heart of everything is family, whether that family be blood or adopted.”


Other Works



My 'Deia(3).jpg

A headstrong, genial chronic alcoholic; a wild, singing girl of the wind-blown plains.

Their love was too strong: a love that drove them from the plains, knit them, hurt them, and broke them both in the end.

This is the story behind the story.

This is the story of Brick and Ladeia Thorne.

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The legend of a failing kingdom, a traitor, and one courageous queen.

The powerful and vengeful race of ugthoda have been attacking Rothalon for well over a decade of devastating war. The army is disheartened, the borders are crumbling. It is up to a girl of sixteen to unite them and lead to victory. Can she stand firm? If she falls, so will the nation…

Written with a grave, archaic tone, touched with sweet romance and grim valor, Flare in the Darkness explores the power in the legend genre while tempering heroism with realism.

Yet even the greatest darkness is never without a flare of hope.

Flare in the Darkness is a novella of 22,000 words, undergoing edits.


A Cold.jpg

One man against a nameless evil, against deception, and ultimately against himself.

Something dangerous lurks in the mountains of Enedhwin, and no-one is willing to search it out… no-one except the cocky and loyal-to-a-fault foreign ambassador. But when he fails — and worse yet, disappears — what is the king to do?

Intentional symbolism, an old-fashioned style, and unforgettable characters combine in this novelette for an unusual and rewarding read.

A Cold Cry is undergoing edits and slight expansion from the original. When complete, it will be available to email subscribers.

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