Q&A with Journey Characters

Good afternoon, Internet! I’ve brought along the three main characters from The Journey with me today... let’s see if they can behave themselves during this little interview session. Looking at you, Sandy.

Sandy: *flops comfortably into an armchair*

Marjorie: Sandy! Sit up straight!

Sandy: Shan’t for you. Where do they learn to make chairs as soft as this?

Marjorie: Oh, Sandy! *eyes the remaining chairs and sits decorously on an upright-backed one*

Fred: *also seats himself, looking considerably dubious about the whole affair*

Thank you, thank you. Please start by telling us your age and something you like to do. Youngest first.

Sandy: I’m going on sixteen, like to climb things, and why are we here?

Oh, um, that gets... complicated.

Marjorie: I am eighteen years old. I like to — like to—

Sandy: She doesn’t like to do anything.

Marjorie: *flushing and tearing up* Sandy!

Fred: *gently* Sandy.

Sandy: *bites lip, scowls, and looks down*

What do you generally do, Marjorie?

Marjorie: Keep house.

Do you get any help?

Marjorie: Great-aunt Bridget is too old, and Sandy...

Yes, I see. Fred, what about you?

Fred: Twenty-one. I like to read — or I should like to read more often, if I had the time and things to read.

*consults list* Who do you like to spend time with?

Sandy: Me.

Marjorie: Fred — but he is always away seeking work.

Fred, you look puzzled.

Fred: I find that I am always thinking of the people I wish I could spend time with.

Such as?

Fred: My mother — and Hunter — and — *falls silent*

Owww... next question. What’s one thing you would change about your life?

Sandy: I hate change. My life is perfect.

Marjorie: *timidly* I would be rich — not very rich, but rich enough that we needn’t worry about money, and maybe it wouldn’t matter so that my father is a... *flushes again*

It is like pulling teeth to get any integral information out of y’all. No wonder your entire story revolves around communication issues. Fred, speak up, and please give me a concrete answer.

Fred: If Hunter is alive — I would bring Hunter back.

And Hunter is?

Fred: My older brother. He ran away long ago.

Were you very close?

Fred: *softly* I can hardly remember him. All I know is anyone would be better suited for the place of eldest than I.

Last question, and heads up, it’s about to get personal. What do you see as your greatest fear?

Fred: *starts*

Sandy: *snorting* Having to stay inside and clean with Marjorie all day.

Sandy, can you give me a serious answer? You said earlier you hated change.

Sandy: I guess. As long as I can stay in control of my life, I’m fine. I know who I am and I don’t care what anybody thinks of me.

Marjorie: *with furrowed brow* I fear something happening — something happening that will tip our life and reputation irreparably over. It seems silly, for we have no good reputation left, and yet we make do. Things are all right. For now.

Fred: *shakes head*

Just tell us, Fred. This is the last one.

Fred: I am afraid of having to be in charge.

Sandy: You are in charge.

Fred: But if something happened to you today, it would not be my fault. Not in the same way as it would be if — if I were the only one left to protect you.

*claps hands dramatically and the characters vanish* Well, that’s that. What did you think of this look at The Journey’s primary actors and their personalities? Next up… a discussion on the word “said”, coming this Friday!