Interview With M.L. Little

Dear blog readers, our guest today is known to the publishing world as M.L. Little. I know her as both Melissa and Night (a nickname which unfortunately managed to make it into my Goodreads review of her book).

What follows is what happens when two author friends who have known each other for just too long try to coordinate an interview.

If you want to know the author behind The Book of Secrets, well, you’re about to find out the real deal.

Okay, Melissa, let’s kick this off right. What’s one fact about you that you haven’t mentioned in ANY interview?

I was a feature on the 6:00 news in fourth grade and since then I’ve been a failure at life.

That’s debatable. What’s your ideal way to spend a free afternoon? (I know, what even are free afternoons?)

I’m usually free on Saturday afternoons and I read and watch Stranger Things by myself or something else with a friend.

Can you give us a brief description of your book?

No, I can’t.

Weeeellllllll in that case I’ll just have to redirect our viewers to The Book of Secrets itself to check out its fabulousness. Who will enjoy The Book of Secrets?

I don’t know man, possibly nobody.

And I tried so hard to come up with these questions. Of the unique creatures you’ve created for the world of The Book of Secrets, which kind is your favorite and why?

So initially I didn’t think I have a favorite but honestly it’s always been the wolfdragons. They’re so cute in my head and I want to cuddle one even though it would scratch my face off. And ever since an 11-year-old requested Koa’s origin story my mind has been spinning with that.

I knew it. Also, I want to see that origin story someday.

Reviewers tend to describe your writing style as powerful, vivid, and/or fluid. What conscious choices do you make while writing? Are there any authors that you consciously pattern aspects of your style after?

Since I was in high school a million years ago I’ve made every attempt not to copy an author’s style. That was something I tried hard to stay away from and I never found myself slipping and copying someone. So if anyone draws similarities to another author, it’s a coincidence. Or perhaps subconscious. I don’t know. On that note, I don’t really make a lot of conscious choices other than what I just described. My whole process is honestly a disaster.

Many readers, myself included, enjoy The Book of Secrets’s humorous dialogue. Would you share a favorite snippet of yours?

I don’t have a copy of the book in front of me so I can’t quote it directly, but I kind of like (a rare instance when I’ll admit to liking my own scene) the part where Hollis calls himself the only law-abiding citizen in the family. Because that is obviously the furthest thing from the truth. And Ren shuts him down flatly and he just rolls his eyes.

And finally, do you have any news for us about plans for the sequels in the Seventh Realm trilogy?

My publisher wants to look at the second one but I don’t know how soon that will be because I want to read over it one last time and I have a hard time reading my own writing without getting bored to death.

But we’ll see. I have hopes for it.

As do I. Many thanks for your participation, Melissa! Or *coughs and looks at several of the above questions* lack of participation…

And if you, reader, were not too weirded out by this interview, I suggest you check out Melissa’s public Instagram, where she posts book reviews and pictures of her floofy miniature poodle, as well as her blog, where weekly author and illustrator interviews happen. But whatever you do, don’t miss checking out The Book of Secrets itself. Despite her self-deprecation, which I’m sure she was thrilled to get away with with me, this middle-grade/early YA adventure with whimsy, mysterious deaths, and shrugcats (don’t ask!) is not something to miss.