Blog Rundown: What to Expect

In Book News: Updates on anything publishing-related, event announcements, cover reveals, new project hype, etc.

In Legea: Anything having directly to do with my characters and world. These will tend toward more “fun” posts, such as character interviews, trivia, world-building rambles (I’ll try to keep them short…), etc.

In Personal: This is, logically enough, where you touch base with me as a person. Reflections, stories about my writing journey, current adventures, and occasional devotional-type posts planned.

In Reviews: Even more obviously, this category is for my literary critiques and recommendations. Intended for books only, as I’m not much of a movie connoisseur, but we’ll forgive a film if it slips in there.

In The Logophile’s Corner: All my opinionated opinions on writing and reading.

In Miscellaneous: Wherever we put what we don’t know where it goes.